Surrounded By Kindness

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Have you been blessed with Kindness as an entrepreneur?  Do you ask for help?  Do entrepreneurs ever volunteer to help you?  Do you give back?

When I look back over the last nine months of my career, I have to confess I have been surrounded by kindness from other entrepreneurs and today, I would like to give them credit.  They have helped me to grow my business without asking for anything in return.  Kindness from others is out there, and all you have to do is ask.  That is the key.  Are you willing to go out on a limb and ask.

Let me give you some examples.  When I wrote my book, I needed testimonials.  I knew of some very popular coaches, but they didn’t know me.  I wondered if they would take the time to read my book and give me a testimonial, so I thought to myself, “No harm in asking.”  I asked Michele Shism, of, Sandra Martini of, Tammi Metzler of, Jan Marie Dore of, Michele Pariza Wacek of, and in all of these cases, no one turned me down.  All of them generously gave of their time, made suggestions, and wrote me testimonials, which I have on my website today.  They didn’t know who I was from Eve.  There was nothing in it for them.  Their credentials have given my product more credibility.  I am ever so grateful.  You will be amazed at how willing successful entrepreneurs will be to help you.  I have been blessed.

Lis Tanz, a well known copy writer from offers to review my e-zines before they go out as a courtesy and as a friend.  Why?  She knew I was struggling and perhaps is spreading around good karma. There is generosity of spirit out there. Have you experienced this yourself?  If not, I am here to tell you it is time for you to go out and try.  It is yours for the asking.

I give tele-seminars as a way of providing information but also as a way of growing my list.  I always ask entrepreneurs who have larger lists to share their lists with me, and they agree to do so.  I don’t have as large a list to reciprocate.  How lucky can I be?   In most cases, I will have done something kind for the person beforehand.  This has occurred with Shannon Cherry with, and Lisa Marie Platske with

I also like to provide random acts of kindness and will blog about upcoming events for outstanding entrepreneurs whom I respect.  We will do a cross promotion sometimes.

These are great ways in which to publicize yourself.  Are you taking advantage of them?  Simply ask. The worst thing that can happen is to be rejected. How can that hurt?

You could offer a 20 minute coaching session to a famous entrepreneur in exchange for a testimonial, for instance.

You can ask to appear in her blog if you write about her upcoming event and post it all over Face Book and Twitter.  She will be so appreciative. I have done this with Lisa Marie Platske,   and Caterina Rando,

Just because someone is established doesn’t mean they don’t have the time for you.  Everything doesn’t have to be quid pro quo in this world.

On top of this, I have developed deep meaningful relationships with some of these people.  They have further extended guidance to me and introduced me to other thought leaders they thought I would gain knowledge from.   There is a feeling of mutual respect and friendship. Lisa Marie Platske and Lis Tanz have more than extended their warmth to me.

You can pepper your website with testimonials from popular entrepreneurs with frames of their pictures with their wonderful words.  It will give you the “know, like and trust” factors to attach these testimonials on your website.

You could say something along these lines, “Name, I am a little new or I have been struggling, and I am sure when you were in that place at some point, someone gave you your first break, all I am asking for is a break myself.  Would you be willing to help me?”

You will be amazed at the generosity of spirit that comes back to you if you are genuine.   Everything isn’t about money.  However, as I said, I have usually done an act of kindness beforehand.  Go out and find someone who you can write a blog post about, and write about their upcoming event.  Ask them for an interview to get some background information about them to make your article fascinating.  Have links in your article to their website and event.  Next, post their event on Face Book and Twitter several times.  In exchange, ask to be a guest blogger.

Have you been under the assumption you cannot approach famous coaches?  It just isn’t true. Take my word for it.  If I can do it, so can you. They remember when they were starting out and how hard it was-maybe someone gave them a break and they want to pass it along…. I can 90% guarantee you they won’t turn you down. They respect people who stand up for themselves and ask.  So go on out and start asking and doing.

Writing Successful Web Copy

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Writing copy for your website should be really simple and easy. After all, you’re the expert in your business, right?

The trouble is, you’re the expert in your business, which means you know way more than the average potential customer is going to want to know. Many business owners make the mistake of giving away too much information…or not enough. Either way, the result is the same – website visitors come, read a bit and leave, never to be seen again.

So how do you write successful web copy? Below are some of the guidelines I use when I write for clients.

Copy that doesn’t describe immediately – the death knell for websites is the line “Welcome to our website.” Really, thanks, but I was here for X and you don’t seem to offer that. <Cue the click away> Website copy must be scannable and offer value in the content. You have only seconds to make an impression, so hit them with your best stuff early and often.

WIIFM – No, I’m not cursing. That’s the acronym for “What’s in it for me?” the question your site visitors are asking as they scan your web pages. If you can&rs quo;t answer that fundamental question quickly, your visitors will be gone just as fast. So be sure to highlight the value your business brings to customers and how it helps them (read:  solves their problems). Real life examples are good bets. If you’re still not sure, see my post on features and benefits.

Saying it so they can hear it – You can write all kinds of pretty words, but if it’s not in the language of your potential customers, they will never read them. Get to know your customers through the way they talk and express themselves. Play with wording so that it reflects that expression and you’ll have a much easier time of getting them to stay on your site. This also includes the keywords they might use to seek out someone who offers what you do. By using familiar language, you’ll have an immediate impact on your potential cus tomers because they’ll feel as if you already know them.

Action! – Website visitors aren’t stupid, but they might not know what to do once they get to your site. So, after you’ve explained yourself, tell them what to do next. They won’t get mad at you for giving them a bit of direction. If you present a call to action, your potential customers are more likely to get what they want – and so are you. Don’t forget this critical step or you’ll lose people. And you rarely get a second chance to give them what they want.

These might seem like simple things, but combined, they create potent copy that converts. And that’s the whole point isn’t it?