5 Tips on how to have a “STICKY” website! Keep your readers engaged for longer!

November 15, 2012 by  
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Writing copy for your website should be really simple and easy. After all, you’re the expert in your business, right?

The trouble is, you’re the expert in your business, which means you know way more than the average potential customer is going to want to know. Many business owners make the mistake of giving away too much information…or not enough. Either way, the result is the same – website visitors come, read a bit and leave, never to be seen again.

So how do you write successful web copy? Below are some of the guidelines I use when I write for clients.

Unveil trade secrets to make readers stick to your website like glue?

  • The Headline is the critical factor that gets readers to pay attention to your page in the first place.  If you say something like “Welcome to my website,” it is the death knell of headlines and will have the readers fleeing from boredom.  Your headline needs to be benefit oriented and promote curiosity.  “When Doctors have headaches what do they do,” is an outstanding example of a headline that peaks curiosity.  It makes people get into a “dying-to-know” knee jerk reactionBrainstorm your headlines until you have come up with at least fifty and then narrow them down.
  • Next, you want your reader to stay on your website so you must have riveting writing.  How do you become different?  How can you be persuasive and compelling?  If your text is a train wreck it isn’t going to matter what your headline is.  Text is what sells.  Not pictures or graphics, but words in the right order.

The first rule of thumb is to write in benefits rich language and not focus on features.   So a feature sounds like this.  “A cell phone is small and fits in your pocket.”  A benefit statement however… “ a cell phone can find you in an emergency.”  There was a brilliant marketer named Theodore Levitt who was quoted as saying, “People don’t want a quarter inch drill, they want a quarter inch hole.”  If you have a long list of features it will create a yawn fest and the reader will most likely move on.

Convince people you are who you say you are.  Add some vulnerability about yourself and let them identify with you.    On my About page at my website for an example, I relate how I struggled in the beginning.

Engage the customers by talking about them at least 50% of the time.  Do you know the acronym WIIFM– No I am not cursing!  It means “What’s In It for me?”  Customers don’t want to read about how great you are and how many awards you have won.  Instead of saying “I have blah blah blah,” change it to “Do you need blah, blah blah?”

  • Saying it so they can hear it – You can write all kinds of pretty words, but if it’s not in the language of your potential customers, they will never read them. Get to know your customers through the way they talk and express themselves. Play with wording so that it reflects that expression and you’ll have a much easier time of getting them to stay on your site. This also includes the keywords they might use to seek out someone who offers what you do. By using familiar language, you’ll have an immediate impact on your potential customers because they’ll feel as if you already know them.
  • Discover how to increase readership by 30%.  Have a picture of yourself on your About page.  Your About page should answer the 5 W’s.  Who, What, Where, When and Why.  Why did you start your business, Who are you, What is it about, Where is it, and When did you start it.  Your customers love to know more about the person and company they are doing business with.  It makes them feel close and will make them want to order from you or visit you.
  • Give a call to Action- You need to tell the customer what to do next.  Your action button needs to adhere to the proven 4 B’s- Bold, Brilliant, Big and Blatantly Obvious!  Recent studies have concluded the words “click” and “submit” underperform words like “Download Now” or “Register Now”.

These might seem like simple things, but combined, they create potent copy that converts. And that’s the whole point isn’t it?