Hiring a Copywriter Could be Your Smartest Business Decision

January 15, 2013 by  
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As a business owner, you likely wear many hats, some of which you’re uniquely qualified to put on, others that are a little – or maybe a big – stretch. However, there is one hat many business owners, especially new ones, wear (often in the hopes of saving money) that often unwittingly hurts their business. That hat is Copywriter.

Speaking from experience, it’s often hard for us, as business owners, to write effectively about our own businesses. This could be because we’re too close to it. It could be because we’re not sure how to write and we end up focusing too much on ourselves and not enough on the potential customer. Whatever the reason, it’s not your fault. Unless you’re a trained copywriter, there are things about writing for businesses that you’re just not going to know.

While not knowing how to write enticing copy is an issue, another area to consider is time. While it’s true you are the expert in your business, putting your effort toward writing a website, sales copy, autoresponder copy, etc. is probably not the best use of your limited time. And if writing is painful for you, then outsourcing the task to a professional who lives to write and loves it seems like a no-brainer.

Getting those tasks that will provide a foundation for your business done should be directed to people who can do them best. In this case, looking for a competent copywriter to take the writing off your shoulders should be the first priority.

“But copywriters are expensive!” When you hire a professional for the service they provide, there is a fee. The same is true of copywriters. But they aren’t created equal, so it pays to shop around, do some interviews and discover the person with just the right stuff for your business. The fee you pay them to write is an investment in your business, nothing more. It’s like buying pencils…on steroids. If you’re truly concerned about the cost, take time to do a cost/benefit analysis. Calculate how many sales it will take to recoup the money you could pay to a copywriter. Compare that cost to the time (in dollars) it will take you to write your copy instead. And be honest with yourself. The results might surprise you.

A talented copywriter can take ho-hum copy and transform it into words that not only sell but sing to your current and prospective customers. But it’s not just about making copy sound good – it’s about writing messages that create intrigue, develop desire and spark curiosity. In short, well-crafted copy spurs action – whether it’s to click a button, pick up the phone, walk into an establishment or place an order. The right words set your company apart from your competition in a good way.

Sometimes hiring a copywriter means she will simply enhance what you’ve already written. She can massage your words taking them from a rougher form and polishing them to say exactly what your potential customers are needing and wanting to hear. Hiring a copywriter can take your business copy to this:

Why everyone is talking about Jane Doe!

Jane Doe, a world renowned and certified professional coach, has an enduring passion in assisting individuals and groups to achieve an enhanced life experience. She has many proven formulas to ensure success at each and every level of life’s experience. She is legendary for her masterful approaches to resistance and change:

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) She is adept at this 
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) One of her specialties 
  • Guided Visualizations or Imageries- extremely helpful if you are entering the hospital, or an unfamiliar experience 
  • Mindfulness– Very popular 
  • Meditation– Very practical to know for everything from a-z 
  • Positive self talk and alignment as well as affirmations 
  • Coaching– a holistic approach 

Her clients will attest these methods have aided in personal and professional challenges in their lives.

From this:

Jane Doe is a certified professional coach whose passion is to help individuals and groups to achieve Better Life Performance. She uses methods and practices including coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), guided visualizations, mindfulness, meditation and positive self-talk among others. These help clients resolve issues around personal and professional challenges in their lives.

Copywriters are trained to find just the right words to describe your business and you. Sometimes it takes research, brainstorming and old-fashioned trial-and-error to get it just so, but that’s what copywriters do day in and day out. In short, you can skimp on other parts of your business that your potential clients and customers never see. But you can’t skimp on the writing – it’s front and center all day, every day and speaks volumes about your business. What message and image do you want your business copy to convey?