The Magic of Writing Things Down

Have you noticed everyone is getting ready for the Fall market?  It is so similar to going back to school in that we were prepared in having our school clothes ready, our supplies ready and also our attitudes were entirely different from the summer.

We were more on high alert and paying attention.  So too with the animals.  They are on high alert and foraging for the long winter months ahead.

Summer is a time of expansion.  The vegetables and fruits of the summer are known for expansion such as tomatoes, peaches and corn.  In the Fall, the vegetables and fruits are known for contractions such as squashes, apples and root vegetables.  It is the yin and yang of the seasons.

Already getting dark at 7:30 p.m. here in Toronto, it won’t be long until Day Light Saving Time. Where does the time go?  It seems like it was just yesterday I was dipping into the pool and patio dining.

All the more reason for me to follow my business plan to a tee.  I write down things to the quarter then to the week and then to the day. I also write down three big projects to accomplish every quarter.

There is something magical about writing things down.  They will come to fruition rather than rambling in your head.  I lost 60# by writing down what I was going to eat every morning and having an accountability partner I called the menu in to.  There was no hesitation at the refrigerator because I already had it written down.  It was very peaceful believe it or not.

All of the great thought leaders espouse writing down a business plan at the beginning of the year, yet how many of us do it?  September in its freshness and newness seems a good point to start.  Even though it is the last quarter of the year, there is no time like now.  Everyone is serious about learning and absorbing new information, so why not think about giving a teleseminar or amp up your facebook postings.  They say you only have to be really good at only one social media platform rather than deplete yourself at many, so choose the one you like best and go after it.

By all means, write down what you want to accomplish.  You will surprise yourself with your results!