5 Critical Objections to Consider When Writing Sales Copy

March 17, 2012 by  
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1. “Are You Relating to Me?” Have you branded? Have you researched your target market? This is the critical factor that will make you credible to your audience and make them attract to you. You can never have enough attraction coming your way. You will have researched your target market, knowing what periodicals they read, knowing what their interests are, knowing their concerns and what keeps them up worrying at night. You will be an expert at addressing their concerns. You will have the truth about what they know and they will value you as an “expert.”

2. WIIFM!!! What kind of acronym is that? It stands for “What’s in it for me!” You need to know your product, really well and be able to explain why your product is unique so they should buy it. It might sound something like this, “A new way to transform your business and why nobody else gets it.” What makes you unique?

3. KISS. Keep it simple. Describe your product in plain English. Don’t try to impress with big words or techno-babble. Talk about how you will reveal the best kept secrets,” to rivet their attention. Talk to them in terms of benefits, not only features. Ask them where they want to see their business in a year, something they can envision. Ask them questions such as if they have enough clients or enough income or enough time off or if they are feeling overwhelmed.

4. Testimonials. They are at this point saying “Prove It!” So you have proven testimonials on hand. They will transform any critic’s thinking. These testimonials are written proof that the clients have had remarkable success in working with you, they have improved their income, and their business wouldn’t be the same without you. What else could they ask for?

5. The Guarantee. This is for the prospective client who says, “Yeah, it worked for them but it probably won’t work for me.” It removes all cynicism so they can take the next step forward and carry on through the sale. It lessens all objections and puts everything on a neutral basis. If you make your guarantee for 365 days, even better, it takes the pressure off what a 30 days guarantee does. Most clients will feel relaxed and forget all about it.

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