7 Tips for overcoming objections – most conversations are won or lost at the objection stage!

  • The golden rule for responding to an objection is to make the client your friend.  This can be stated as empathizing with your client, don’t ever argue you will win the argument but lose the client, once you have made the client your friend they will feel included and safe proceeding with you.  It can be done in all kinds of ways such as, “I see your point, Jim or That makes sense to me, Michele.”
  • Another essential to do is isolate the objection by repeating it back and asking if there are any more objections.  An example would sound like. “So let me see if I have this right, you want x amount of coaching consults but can only afford x amount of money, aside from this is there anything else stopping you from signing up today?
  • As they say things like Wow through your presentation, stop and say “I see it didn’t take you long to think about that, did it.”  Repeatedly saying this through the presentation makes it difficult for them to say “I want to think about it” at the end.
  • Always be sure to use the person’s name in every sentence.  It is critical that we use the person’s name to ensure that they feel included.
  • Take three seconds before answering the objection, so it seems like you are giving it some thought.  If you reply instantly it sounds defensive.
  • Always be overcoming objections in your presentation.  For instance maybe you are a little more expensive. Anticipate this in your presentation.  Maybe you offer certain benefits but not others, so anticipate these in the presentation with such statements as:

“You are probably wondering…”

“You might be thinking . . .”

 “If you’re worried about . . .”

 “A concern I often hear at this point in our conversation is . . .”

  • Always ask for consensus before asking for enrollment.  For instance ask questions like:

“Does that make sense to you?”

“How does that sound?”

“What do you think of that?”

“Are you in agreement so far?”


Sarah Jo Wood is founder of Evolving Advisors Inc. and author of ‘How to turn a No or a Maybe into a Yes!”  Her coaching program teaches entrepreneurs like you to overcome objections so you can sign up all the clients you want, fill your practice, and increase your bottom line.  To begin supercharging your sales, download your complimentary sales package today at www.evolvingadvisors.com


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