Are Entrepreneurs Born or Created?

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Are entrepreneurs born or created?  Did you always have the itch to work for yourself?  From what age did you know you would only be happy working for yourself?  Do you think it is inborn?

I talked to an Ad agency man once who in the hallmark of his career was told he wrote great ads but only the ones he was interested in.  He subsequently started a very successful internet business.  When I think of his story it seems he was inborn.  Here was a company man who could only get interested in things that turned him on, couldn’t follow the company rank and file and do as he was told.

I know another woman who was an accountant.  She felt frustrated however, like she was hemmed in.  It wasn’t that she didn’t have a love for numbers or her profession but she kept hearing a calling and was dissatisfied.  She took a sabbatical to explore her options and today is a very successful entrepreneurial coach.  So I wonder was that inborn or did her previous career help her to establish her current career?  Did she need the past experience to become who she was today, or did she have it all along?  Obviously she needed to have the time in her past career to establish confidence and credibility if nothing more than for herself.

So I think some entrepreneurs are just born and some evolve as the aging and ripening process of experience.

For me, I felt the yearnings at 23 and would rather go dig dirt as a plant wholesaler than work at another corporation. By then I had worked at 3 Fortune 500 companies and could see the glass ceiling for women.  It was so stereotypical.

I had studied botany under the auspices of my grandmother who had trekked through China and India studying the hybridization of rare orchids.  So I opened up a retail plant store which evolved into plant wholesaling.  I then became interested in flipping houses and  became a real estate agent where I succeeded after going through the school of hard knocks.  I couldn’t imagine working for someone else ever.  I had always done things my way so I think it was inborn.  I felt weird in a corporate setting, like the odd woman out, uncomfortable in my own skin.  I couldn’t peg it until I set out on my own and then I knew what it was to be comfortable working, being fully engaged.

I also identify with entrepreneurs when I meet them.  We hit it off right away like we have been old friends for a long time, whereas with corporate people, I feel they hold back a notch or two.

How about you?  Are you inborn or developed?  Or both?  Share your thoughts with me.


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