Copy Writing

In addition to writing copy I also will enhance your page and do the following either way:

I fix the number one biggest mistake business owners make when writing on the web and that is talking about yourself too much without talking about the customer. I correct that.

  • I make you more of a magnet for attracting your ideal customer while also repelling the tire kickers
  • You will be set apart from the competition through a secret formula which ensures that no one will ever wonder again what you do or how you can help them
  • My clients tell me I position them as the “Go-To” entrepreneuer/company in their area for their customers
  • Your website becomes a buying environment for your customers so they become comfortable and get to know you in a non sales-y way.
  • Your website will adhere to online standards making it easy to read on all computers, iPads and phones.
  • Your website will include a Call to Action by using a proven formula. People on the internet don’t know what to do next. You need to tell them what to do next and you need to give them instructions and directions to be remembered.
  • Your website will include an eye-catching headline which will grab your prospects attention, as a matter of fact it is the most important element in web copy and copy writers struggle over this for hours

For a limited time only, I give away two marketing strategies that will increase readership by 30% and 70%!

As you can tell, creating the text on your website which does its job and brings you customers requires specialized knowledge. I have this knowledge and would love to discuss whether my services are a good fit for you at this time.




P.S. You only have 3-5 seconds to grab your reader’s attention so your web copy has to be persuasive, compelling and engaging. I make it that way for you. Contact me now!