How Top Copywriters “Magnetize” Readers – and Sell Millions of their Products and Services

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There’s a secret that top copywriters don’t want you to know about. The secret is that getting more sales with your marketing is all about getting readers excited to step forward and do business with you.

And a major way to do that is by choosing words that strike the right chord with your target market and cause them to respond with enthusiasm – so that they can hardly wait to click that “Buy Now” button or take whatever other action you want them to take.

And when you have a “copywriting toolkit” chock full of compelling words at your disposal, you’re able to :

  1. Get your creative juices flowing. When starting from scratch, most of us fall back on our inner database of most-used words to communicate our message. But unfortunately, marketing that is filled with common, everyday language isn’t likely to excite or compel your readers…you’re more likely to bore them right to sleep. (No offense…it’s true of all of us!) Not to mention that when you’re staring at a blank screen, even the best writers in the world sometimes struggle with writer’s block (you know, that sweat-inducing, sheer-panic feeling that rises when you realize you can’t think of a single word to write). But if you know the right words to use, you can…
  2. Transform your copy from bland and boring to supercharged and sexy. The best marketing is just a bit (or sometimes a lot, depending on your personal preference) daring. It shakes readers up a bit, wakes them up, and gets their juices flowing. It gets them into your message, to the point where they feel like they’re a part of your experience…an experience they don’t want to stop. And that’s often why they buy your product/service…to continue that euphoric feeling.
  3. Use lingo that has worked to produce results for years – without the hassles or expense of your own trial and error. Top marketers spend millions of dollars testing advertising to find out the words and messaging that engage readers – and to discard those messages that flop miserably. Unfortunately, most small business owners don’t have million-dollar marketing budgets and therefore can’t afford to conduct their own “let’s figure out what works” tests.

Fortunately, though, you can get a sneak peek at the top profit-producing words and phrases…without spending an arm and a leg in the process. Your much more affordable solution lies in a new product called: “Magnetic Phrases: A Toolkit for Copywriting Success.” In this toolkit, you’ll get exact words and phrases that you can use to supercharge your own marketing, a sampling of the most powerful words used by top copywriters, the most hypnotic, proven words used by advertisers for the past 100 years, and 5 time-tested words for aiding in the curiosity of your sales pages…so you can draw readers into your message. Visit to download your copy now!

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About the Author: Sarah Jo Wood is founder of Evolving Advisors Inc. and author of ‘How to turn a No or a Maybe into a Yes!”  Her coaching program teaches entrepreneurs like you to overcome objections so you can sign up all the clients you want, fill your practice, and increase your bottom line.  To begin supercharging your sales, download your complimentary sales package today at

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