Insider Secrets that will bring you Time Efficiency

When I am working there are three things next to me that are indispensable. First my daytimer, next my to do list and next a hard bound note book that I will jog down ideas in or if someone gives me a number that I want to transpose later I put it into here, or recommends a good restaurant, I will put it into here, I call it my everything book. At the end of the day I look through it and see what needs to be transposed and travelled through. Supposed I get a brainstorm of an idea, rather than interrupting my project I write it down in my notebook and then can refer to it later. It is a life saver for creativity and things I have to remember rather than having sticky notes everywhere. So that is one, my daytimer, second my to do list and third my hard bound note book. Why hard? It makes it less likely to lose. It makes it more official. It feels good to the touch. My to do list is always in a state of change. Read on in the following but I am constantly updating it.

Two month plan – make a change a week

  • Learn to say NO, stop volunteering! Stay away from the gossip hub and water cooler. Too much time can be wasted in friendly chit chat. When you are focusing on a project, keep your door shut. Don’t be afraid to tell people you will get back to them in another half hour.
  • Use a timer- time your tasks in 15 and 30 minute intervals. As creative people we have a tendency to let other people hijack our time. Unless the topic is task related there is no reason for the interruption to proceed for more than 3 minutes. Idle conversation can vanish your time and make you wonder what happened to your day.
  • Divide your day into NP,IP,and HP, non priority, like labeling an envelope, intermediate priority like returning a call to tell someone some information and high priority like making the deal or the steps to accomplishing the task.
  • Use a hard bound notebook to put your ideas in. We have creative inspirations that take hold of us. Instead of impulsively acting on them, keep a list of them that you can look at in your np time. For instance, maybe you have an idea to go to a website; rather than doing it right then, write down the website in your hard covered notebook and return to it later
  • Keep a To-Do list and always be updating it, do this twice a day if possible. Try to make a habit of paying attention to your To-Do list throughout the day. Assign levels of importance to your to do list. NP,IP, HP Schedule a half hour a day for when you get waylaid and you can put high level activities into that half hour.
  • Think in terms of np (non priority), ip (intermediate priority) and hp (high priority) and assign these abbreviations to your tasks. At the end of the day, create percentages of these activities, so you can actually see how your time was spent.
  • Call back everyone at quarter to the hour instead of taking calls randomly, let them know in your voice mail that you will be calling them back at quarter to the hour.
  • Don’t look at e-mail until the top of the hour – Checking e-mail is a bankrupting activity. It is the biggest time waster that exists. It is an ip priority. Don’t do it until the top of the hour and make it a habit.
  • In a ledger write down all of your expenses and all of your income, you will be horrified to find out where you spent your money. Be judicious about doing this daily. Don’t even skip one day or one coffee. Or one postage stamp. Every tiny little expense needs to be recorded. Do this monthly.
  • Put all of your monthly bills into a manila envelope so you have them for the end of the year and they are all organized. Have 12 sets of envelopes. Staple your bills together like Bell bills or bills where there are more than one page. It keeps them better organized and less likely to get lost.
  • If you are constantly short of money and in debt:     Instead of giving your clothes away, take them to 2nd hand stores and sell them on consignment. You get about a third of what they were worth.

Now you can get organized and achieve success!!!