Is your copyright up to date?

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I have a quick tip for you today, and it might be something you haven’t considered in a while.

Is your copyright up to date?

While it may not be fancy, or new, checking that the copyright date on your website, articles and marketing
materials is up to date and says 2012 is a quick and easy way to:

1. Show visitors that your site is current. You don’t want people to find your great site, only to see an old copyright date and wonder if the material is current or not.

2. Even more importantly, it helps protect you from having your material stolen and used without your consent.

Take a few minutes right now to check that your copyright is up to date on all your materials.

© 2012 Sarah Wood

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Sarah Wood, also known as the “Magic Pen,” and author of “How to turn a No or a Maybe into a Yes” and producer of “Magnetic Phrases,” is a copy enhancer/ writer who transforms copy on your website into sexy and sizzling from boring and blah. For a list of testimonials go to her website and check out her long list of happy customers at . She is also a marketing strategist at overcoming objections for coaches, mentors, real estate agents and entrepreneurs. In her spare time, she spoils her three cats and one dog and she is an avid belly dancer in the ancient folkloric genre, you would be most familiar with.

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