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I can’t remember who reached out to whom first when it came to my relationship on Face Book with Joy Bing Fleming but it immediately evolved into a wonderful correspondence and over time into a deep friendship of trust and mutual cooperation and admiration.

I can honestly say that she has gone out of her way for me in helping me out as I navigate the ins and outs of the social media. She is a social media maven and has been cited for her numerous connections on Twitter. How she finds the time to link up with me and make me feel so special astounds me.

She has shared me with her list on more than one occasion and tried to help me enhance my business. So it is my turn to do something in return for Joy.
She is going to share her enthusiastic knowledge in on March 1, 2012. This isn’t just like any other course. Have you ever been to a course where you get way more than you paid for? That is how Joy is as a person.

She goes way overboard in terms of her delivery. She brings you knowledge simplistically so you can understand social media in everyday language and really “get it” to incorporate it on your own pages. She gives you examples that you can immediately relate to. She also gives you great ideas for posting to make you sound creative and get you responses.

She teaches you the fundamental steps of engagement so you automatically acquire friends and fans and begin a social network. She takes all of the guesswork out of it for you. This is what you want! To be building a social community.

She also teaches you what NOT to do. Blunders that beginners and even practiced users are making.

Find out how to persuade your network how to opt-in to your free-giveaway page and become part of your list. How to build the trust. How to develop quality followers on Twitter… How to get retweeted… How to follow influencers and be popular. Learn all about the symbols and what they connote. Learn why you should relate far more than you should promote and Joy will explain how you could lose your followers by not adhering to her special secrets. She has a proven formula for you

Haven’t you always said to yourself that you would like to become an EXPERT at Social Media?


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  1. Joy Fleming says:

    Thank you so much Sarah for the post. That was very kind of you. I sincerely appreciate it. It has been a pleasure & a blessing getting to know you better. You’re such a sweet person and a wonderful Sales Coach! I wish you continued success! All the best!

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