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She prefers to be called an Effective Website Specialist. So in all due respect, please think of her that way.

It was scheduled for one hour on a dreary fall day which could have added to my aggravated mood. I was regretting having made the appointment. I wanted to get a second opinion on the colors I had chosen for my website. But I was becoming more certain with my choice. Did I really need an expert? As I kept repeatedly hearing, people only stayed on a website for a few seconds, so I thought it important to get the experts involved to improve my capture rate. By the time of the call however, I questioned my decision in hiring her because I had pretty well figured out the website colors and design I wanted, and felt secure with them. I had seen the combination of colors used on other websites and I thought they looked great. What I liked most was the look of freshness and cleanness.

The phone rang with the long distance signal and it was her calling punctually. She exuded a lot of confidence. We went through the usual pleasantries and I told her I had decided on a color combination. I figured she would tell me what was right with my choice. WRONG!!! Instead she had me identify three words that portrayed what I wanted viewers to feel when they saw my website. Silence for a few seconds…I thought of the first word that came to my mind. “Excitement…” then “Trust…” and then “Curiosity.”

She came up with the most unlikely colors for me: Red, Orange and Bright Yellow. For someone like me, who is non-visual I see colors as in “Crayola colors,” so I was seeing flashes of Fire Engine Red and getting really dismayed. She then went on to explain a nice shade of maroon would look perfect. Whew… I relaxed.

But what happened to my blue I had so adored? She explained that blue was used as a color of trust (think banks and police), and that we could use it but it wasn’t a complimentary color to red. UH-OH. What does that have to do with anything?

The site I had chosen had blue and red, I had seen other sites with these colors on them and furthermore, I loved it. Didn’t that count for something? She explained yes, definitely I should go with my heart, but I should also be thinking about how long someone would stay on my page, that there was a science to it. I felt very torn. Colors had always been emotional to me, not scientific. I thought if I liked something so much wouldn’t there be some other people who also liked what I liked.

She encouraged me to go to sites like:

We then looked at other websites I admired. None of them were following any rules. Somehow their look had just fallen together without using complimentary colors.

On the one hand while knowing how important my website was, I resented having to study these color websites to come up with ideas and rules for mine. I wanted to intuitively find my dream website. I wanted to imagine it in my mind’s eye. I wanted magical manifestation.

I had a conflict going on. I vacillated between my original favorite which screamed “Trust” and only a little “Excitement.” Or should I be daring and try to be riveting. I kept leaning toward the color turquoise. I have always loved that color. She had said that bright colors exude “excitement.” Or would it look bubble-gummy? It is also a shade of blue which exudes “trust.” I knew I wasn’t going to follow the rules on the color wheel, but rather the rules in my heart as to what felt right, so I thought two shades of purple with it, one crayola purple (denotes wealth and women like jewel tones) and the other a soft lilac. Did I chance to be so daring? Me??? Turqoise with two shades of purple.

All in all, the hour was well spent and thought provoking. It was a real wake up call for me. The ideas I got out of the call are still reverberating with me and I am constantly reminded of the nagging small details in starting up a website. I am really pleased I decided to get a second opinion from the color maven and design maven, whoops, the Effective Marketing Specialist because it opened up my eyes to new possibilities for my website and I think it will be more exciting than anything I could have ever imagined.

Her name is Stacy Karacostas and she is very easy to talk to and I would highly recommend her. Her details are below.

Stacy Karacostas
Practical Marketing Expert & Business Lifestyle Architect


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