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How difficult is it to find your passion?  Why find your passion?  How many passions does one person have?

I don’t know about you but I have to dig deep to find my passions.  I know what I am inherently good at but I think in many cases, people’s passions have been buried.  As an example, a student was given an A in English and a D in Math. They were subsequently told to focus on their Math.  But why?  The passion is English, the weakness is Math.  It doesn’t indicate stupidity or smartness, it just is uniqueness.  By emphasizing working on the Math it trivializes the English and leaves it forgotten in the background. Look at all of the people working in jobs they don’t like.  They seem to have accepted the Math from high school.

No one has been a success working in a job they didn’t like.  How many of us love to watch movies depicting an underdog finding his passion and becoming successful with it?  How many of us get to find our passion?  Or are courageous enough to hold out for our passion?  I have known people who have waited seven years to make significant money to maintain their passion.

They had their belief, accompanied by a plan.  They faithfully followed their plan every day.  They never wavered from their passion.  Their friends and family may have doubted them but they never questioned themselves and their passion did come to fruition.

So you need to know what you excel at and you need a plan.  If you know what you excel in that will give you a belief in yourself.  So think hard about what you are really good at because you will need to believe in yourself all of the way.  It will have to be different than everyone else.  What sets you apart?  What makes you special?  Why would someone want to buy from you?  What have you got to offer?  When you can answer these questions you will know what your passion is.  Then you can market it.  Then you can add value to others.  Then you can have a targeted niche.  People will be attracted to a targeted niche and come to you for your specialty.  You will be known as the expert in your field and respected as the go-to person.  This is what having a passion can do for you.  Don’t underestimate yourself.

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