How to turn a No or a Maybe into a Yes!

Do you struggle with objections like “I’ll think it over, it’s too much money, send me the information, you’re too new, I haven’t heard of you, etc,” in your enrollment conversations? Would you like to reply effortlessly without stumbling or winging it?

This E-book gives you more than 50 pages of common & not so common, sure- fire objection responses to add to your sales vocabulary.  Also learn the anatomy behind the objection so you can literally rhyme off your own responses.  Learn why people who say NO often don’t mean it.  Know the essential things you must do or you will be leaving money on the table.  Play in a different league with numbers as the goldmine.  LEARN MORE


Magnetic Phrases And Hypnotic Words

Learn how you can easily use the hidden secrets of the expensive copywriters in this fast moving E-book.  You will be writing like a copywriter within 5 minutes.

Just look at the difference between these three statements:

  • “I have a great marketing program…”
  • “Discover Sure-fire Ways to Market Your Business…”
  • “Get the Best Kept Secrets for Marketing …”.

Which ones grab your attention and make you want to learn more? If you said the last two, you’re right on target. And the big difference is the choice of words. Because both of those include words I call Magnetic Phrases.

When you have your copy of Magnetic Phrases at your fingertips, your writing lights up and becomes fun…no more drudgery at the keyboard.

Packed full of hypnotic words, “Magnetic Phrases” takes the guesswork and frustration out of your writing. All you have to do is tweak your current marketing by plugging in a few of these fun phrases. LEARN MORE


One of the services I offer is Copy Enhancement-

What is a Copy Enhancer?

It’s no secret that your web site is the door to your entire presence. Readers take 3-5 seconds to make up their mind whether or not to stay on your page. The colors, the graphics, the type of font you chose to use and the headline are critically important. That is where I come in. I am a copy enhancer, not to be mistaken with a copy writer, because I enhance copy after it has been written, the page stays in your voice and your reader’s hear you, not some copywriter they don’t know.

I am best suited to work with people who have written their own copy, are not satisfied with it and want the efficiency of a copy written page at a fraction of the cost of a copy writer.

Take me for a test drive, request a courtesy rewrite of your home or about page and let my creative genius take over. Absolutely no cost or obligation. It is my pleasure to show you my skills. It is a $349-489 value. What people have said, “You are very good and you should know it.” Lynda Morgan 3/09/12

“Sarah has a good eye for reviewing web content and offering great edits and marketing tweaks that make copy sizzle.  I highly recommend her services for convincing sales conversations and website reviews.”   Lisa Decker 3/15/12

“I’d like to give a shout out to Sarah Wood for her help and the great job she did taking some of my copy content from one of my community pages and turning into shining, attractive home page copy.”   Stephani Crocker McGirr 3/27/12

“She reviewed my sales page, took out the wordiness (you all know I talk too much), made sure my bonuses and my testimonials matched my market, gave my benefits more PUNCH. Pleasure to work with to boot.”   Shawn Mason Spence 3/ 22/12.

Let me help you shortcut your way to sales and business success too.

Let me share my enhanced writing systems with you so you can experience what I miraculously have: increased income and peace of mind.

Contact me today!

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