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Is your business as full as you’d like it to be?

Are you making the money you know you’re worth?

Do you close most of your sales conversations, or are you left with statements like, “I’ll think it over” or “I’m going to sell it myself?”

If you’re not getting enough new clients, and you’re ready to change that, you’re in luck! You can dramatically increase your sales by learning how to respond to these kinds of objections, and build your business without working longer or harder. Best of all, I can show you how, even if you think you have heard it all.

From the Desk of Sarah Jo Wood
November 2011

Dear Fellow Realtor,

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • If someone says “they need time to think about it”, or are “just shopping around” you’re not sure how to answer. Instead you simply end the conversation–without the sale.
  • When someone tells you they’ve had a bad experience in the past you hesitate and don’t meet the objection head on.
  • If a prospect says they want you to cut the commission or go with their price you rattle on making excuses. Or worse, start discounting your services because you really need that new client and resent it later.
  • Although you develop great rapport with your prospects, you rarely close the sale. And you leave sales conversations feeling mystified as to why they didn’t list.
  • Your sales conversations often feel forced or uncomfortable. You just don’t want to seem pushy, even though you believe most of your prospects could use your services.

If any of these scenarios rings a bell, then you are SO in the right place. And you are not alone!

The fact is: there is so much money being lost by Realtors® who don’t know what to say to potential clients—or how to say it—it’s astonishing! 

Often it’s because they simply aren’t comfortable with sales conversations.

To me, the loss of a potential client due to miscommunication or the inability to effortlessly sell your listing presentation is overwhelmingly sad. First, because these talented entrepreneurs aren’t making enough money, helping enough people, or seeing their business grow the way it should. Second, because it’s so preventable.

To add insult to injury, that same prospect you didn’t sell is probably going to sign up with someone else—maybe even that very same day—who knows how to respond to her/his objections.

If you’ve been having trouble listing new clients, the bad news is you’re losing money and struggling to grow your business. The good news is it’s not your fault. And you can change it!

Look at it this way…

No matter how good you are at what you do, or how much you love it, sales can be tough. Plus, chances are you’ve never been trained in how to overcome objections. So you’re winging it.   ..

The problem is that you’re always going to have to deal with concerns and objections. They’re an inborn, automatic reaction designed to keep us from making poor choices and aren’t going away.

You have to be able to effectively address your potential client’s concerns and objections, or they won’t buy from or hire you. And you can’t take their spoken objections at face value.

For example: A prospect who says “I need to think about it” is really saying “I’m still not convinced this is going to be worth the investment”.

If you don’t understand the real issues behind their objections, or the best ways to address them, you might as well close your business. It’s better than putting yourself through the wringer over and over again with failed sales calls, and coffee meetings that waste your time.

While there are hundreds (or thousands) of books out there teaching people how to sell more effectively, they tend to offer conflicting advice. They present techniques that worked in the past but won’t work in today’s environment with today’s buyers, in today’s economy.

If you want to succeed, you must evolve and learn how to think like your client.

No one has gathered new, working techniques and combined them with the psychology of buying TODAY. Until now…

That’s where I come in.

I’m Sarah Jo Wood, expert on overcoming objections

I’m writing to you today because I’ve been where you are, I’ve struggled selling and then learned how to do it differently, with authenticity and being true to myself. It’s made a dramatic difference in my revenues, my business and my life!

As part of this process, I realized I had a knack for sales. After spending some time as a plant wholesaler, I went into real estate, where my passion has lasted more than 2 decades. I am an enrollment and marketing coach today and have been for some time.

I loved – and still love – buying and selling. People seek me out to work with me. My passion was reflected in my national success when I was regularly in the top 1% of real estate agents in Canada and have converted that knowledge to my coaching practice which I absolutely love.

Things didn’t start out perfectly, though. When I began my sales career, I wasn’t a natural at it. My friends and family had told me how good they thought I’d be. So it was doubly disappointing when I came back to the office, humiliated, after sales calls.

Deep down, I felt insecure.  And I think mostly I felt insecure because I didn’t know what to say.  I didn’t know how to handle objections when they came up. Basically, I had just gotten my license and knew all of the legalities of selling, but was totally green when it came to landing clients.

One day, I related my tale of a recent botched sale to the office old-timer. I told him how, when my prospect presented an objection, I hadn’t known how to respond. My face flushed, my heart raced, my stomach got squeamish.

Of course, the old-timer knew exactly what I should have said – so next time I brought him out with me. I had to split my commission with him, but it was worth it to learn from someone so experienced. And it made me a fast study. Soon I was closing sale after sale.

At one point, I hired a mentor. As we began to work together my coach asked me to go through a powerful exercise to determine my own strengths. After a little while, I came up with a few, one of which was negotiating.

I reflected further, uncovering what it takes to become a good negotiator. Then, BINGO! It came to me. What I’d consistently been successful at, received compliments on, had become known for…  was my strength in overcoming objections in any situation.

Once I made that discovery there was no holding me back. I’ve since had prospects so determined to become my client after I handled their price objections they got a bank loan, borrowed from family, or sold jewelry to make it happen. What a difference it made to my bottom line!

Now I want to help you do the same. I can help you increase your sales. How?

By showing you exactly how to overcome objections so you get more clients and have more sales with less effort and anxiety.

That’s why I’m releasing a brand-new Ebook:

“How to Turn a NO or a MAYBE Into a YES for Realtors!!!”

Let me be your old-timer. Let me spare you some of the horrible frustration I suffered. Let me help you build your business and create a life you love.

Because if you can get past your prospect’s objections you can sell just about anything!

How many times have you heard … when trying to sell?

  • “I want you to cut your commission”
  • “I’ll think it over”
  • “I’ll call you later”
  • “I’ve had a bad experience before”
  • “I want to list it at my price”
  • “Just email me the material and I’ll get back to you”
  • “I’m too busy to make this decision right now”?
  • “You’re too new”

And how have you responded? Did you stutter and stumble with your heart racing? Were you terribly disappointed and unwilling to push for the sale? Or did you just say “okay”, and then let them walk away? Or did you wing it?

Now, imagine feeling as comfortable handling any objection as you do introducing yourself. It’s possible!

When you read “How to Turn a NO or a MAYBE Into a YES for Realtors®!” you learn EXACTLY how to respond to those common objections and more. You learn why people balk, and how you can stop the objections before they start.

In 52 power-packed pages, discover:

  • The psychology behind objections – what really makes a buyer balk?
  • The power of numbers – how to use statistics to move your prospect toward a sale, every time
  • How 90-95% of people make their decisions – and how YOU can use this information to enroll more sales
  • One technique every good entrepreneur MUST master – and it’s easier than you might think (anyone can learn it!)
  • My list of 16 Entrepreneurial Essentials – miss any of these and you may end up leaving money on the table
  • What a money objection is typically REALLY about– and how to handle this objection so you can sell your client
  • A new, positive way of looking at objections that helps you sell the customer (they’re not a bad thing – really!)
  • What to do after answering each objection to keep moving towards selling stage–
  • Real-world “objection handlers” you can use word-for-word to address the most common objections
  • 10 sample “Rock Star Closes” that really work – developed and proven during my years of experience

Now, you may be thinking…

“This sounds like really helpful information that can catapult my sales, Sarah. But how am I going to learn and remember all this?”

Great question!

First, once you understand the psychology behind most objections you’re going to have a much easier time handling them intuitively. You just have to know what your prospect is really saying and the right responses are going to come naturally.

Second, even if you just remember and use a handful of my powerful “objection handlers” and proven closes, you’re going to have more sales.

Third, if you need more support, I’m going to be offering occasional companion tele-series. This is ideal for anyone serious about improving their sales conversions, who could use a little more help. Be on the lookout for more info about this program once you get your copy of “How to Turn a NO or a MAYBE Into a YES for Realtors®!!!”

Now you’re probably wondering, “What’s my investment to have all this powerful info at my fingertips?” After all, if you can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line by following my advice, it must be expensive, right? Wrong.

You get the Ebook for just $19.99…You will get that, plus much more back in one easy sale

But Wait…I want to make it even more budget friendly for this economy so I am giving it away for ONLY $9.99!

You can easily recoup this small investment with a single sale! Then reap even more rewards over time by using this powerful, proven information to sell clients again and again.

Plus, you can buy this Ebook at NO RISK to you thanks to my…

100% – Money-Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee

Buy the book and read it. If you don’t think it’s worth every penny,
simply let me know within 365 days and I’ll refund your investment in full!

Whether you’re new to sales or an experienced salesperson, getting better at handling objections is only going to increase your confidence and effectiveness.  Sales are going to come more easily to you.  Soon the whole process is going to seem comfortable, effortless and even fun.

Are you ready to take the stress out of selling
and start closing more sales today?

Then take the first step by clicking the order button below and grabbing this valuable information right now…

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I understand that for only $9.99, I get electronic, downloadable copies of: 

  • The Ebook “How to Turn a NO or Maybe Into a YES for Realtors®!!!” including:
  • The psychology behind objections
  • How 90-95% of people make buying decisions
  • The ONE technique I must master to be an effective salesperson
  • 16 Must-Do Enrollment Essentials
  • What to do after answering each objection
  • 10 sample rock star Closes
  • And many more…


And I understand that I’m protected by your 100% Money-Back, No-Questions-Asked 365 Day Guarantee – so I’m taking no risk when I make this investment!

In fact, you’re taking a far bigger risk by not investing in the professional training and guidance you’re going to find in this package. Because if you don’t start closing your prospects soon, you could be closing the doors of your business for good.


Take the first step towards achieving your business, success and financial goals now by discovering exactly “How to Turn a NO or Maybe Into a YES for Realtors® !!!”.

Here’s to your sales success,

Sarah Wood

P.S.  Remember, sales truly is a learned skill—it’s much easier to be successful at it once you know the secrets. So you can keep flailing during sales calls and struggling to grow your business. Or you can get all my best secrets for selling easily and effectively—and start making more money right away. If you’re ready to turn those No’s and Maybe’s into Yeses, click the order button below now…I learned early on and look at what a difference it made-it put me in the top 1% of salespeople in Canada at a very young age.  Don’t wait to learn these skills…



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