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Websites are great business tools. They never call in sick; get a bad attitude or show up for work late. Available 24/7, your website sells for you when you’re off dreaming about your next vacation or that new car you want to buy. Your website is your sales partner. And a well-written one is worth its weight in the traffic it brings to you that will hopefully turn into more sales for your business.

Want to know how to craft a well-written website? Keep reading!

Be relatable

Demonstrate that you understand their pain and needs. Empathize without sounding preachy, condescending or too mushy. Your prospects need to see that you understand them and that you have the solution to their problem. Telling stories, providing testimonials and even sharing your own story can help readers relate to you. Once they feel they know who you are, you become more of a trusted advisor than simply a business.

Show your cards

Be upfront and honest – no one wants to feel as if they’re dealing with a less-than-stellar character. This doesn’t mean give away trade secrets, but it does speak to being transparent in your business dealings. Nobody likes to feel uncomfortable, so use words and descriptions that will ease their minds and bring them in closer.

It’s all about the benefits

This is the “what’s in it for me?” question. If you can’t answer this, you will lose potential customers. Focus on them and the benefits they will derive by working with you and less on the features of what you offer. If you answer their need and solve their problem, they won’t likely be as interested in the minutiae of your offering.

Address those inevitable objections

You probably have heard a multitude of objections if you’ve been in business for a while. Be proactive and address them before your prospect brings one or more of them up. This does two things – it reduces their concern about buying from you and it supports the “Show your cards” point above.

Introduce the “Buy” sooner than later

If you’re writing a sales letter, don’t put the “buy” button only at the end. Intersperse it so a quick-decision person can buy faster and not feel as if he must read all the way through your long copy in order to find the buy button. He could doze off in the process or worse, leave your page out of boredom or frustration.

Create urgency around your offer

If you want to sell a lot of anything, creating urgency is the way to do it. But don’t go crazy with it. Everyone seems to be creating urgency these days, so don’t be too over-the-top with what you say. A simple way to create urgency is to offer a limited number at a lower price. Or put a deadline in place. Some personality types will never respond to an urgent offer. However, the majority of people will be swayed by a call to action with an urgent tone.

Make your copy easy to read

Long paragraphs and big words will scare people away. This isn’t saying they’re dumb, but easy-to-skim and easily digestible copy is the best way to get and keep someone’s attention. Utilizing short paragraphs with bolding and infrequent use of colorful text creates visual breaks. Images also help to tell the story and give the eyes a rest from the written word.

A copy enhancer can make your website sing!

If the thought of writing doesn’t scare you, but you’re not sure you write well enough for your audience, consider hiring a copy enhancer to take your copy from off-key to in tune with your readers. As a copy enhancer, I use your words to make sure you’re conveying your message clearly, concisely and in a way that resonates with your audience. Your copy sounds like you because you wrote it. All I do is spruce it up so it has the impact you want it to make.

Contact me to learn more about copy enhancement and how it can take your words from weak to wow!


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