Becoming a Sought After Speaker

Within 20 days from today you could become a sought after speaker. Are you ready for that? Are you tired of working hard to get each client and not getting booked, even though you are an amazing public speaker or trainer? Even if you are super social-networking savvy, even if you are great at follow-up and brilliant at e-mail marketing, you are still missing out if you have not yet mastered how to use public speaking to easily attract clients.

The proven formula to deliver a speech and come home with clients is both an art and a science. Caterina Rando has the best kept secrets for growing your business and is going to graciously share her 20 years of experience with you on February 18-19 to do just that. She is a best-selling author, an award winning keynote speaker, trainer, business coach and a publisher. Her book has been translated into 11 other languages. She is world renowned with an overwhelming array of repeat clients who have consistently made mini-fortunes from following her teachings.

In this dynamic two-day event, Caterina will share her ten step system on how to use public speaking, tele-seminars and webinars to make your business THRIVE. “When I started my business in 1995 I had no marketing budget and started to use public speaking to grow my business. Since then I have studied and, more importantly, tested and retested the best ways to use public speaking to easily attract clients. I will share all my top secrets and strategies with you here. These are the same ideas that have helped many of my clients quickly double and triple their income.”

Take advantage of Caterina’s twenty years of speaking to audiences and coming home with clients. She will share the dos and the don’ts and all the foolish things other experts are teaching that will waste your time and not grow your client base. Find out why what the older models they keep teaching don’t work anymore and just waste your time.

She is going to bust these myths and mistakes and tell you what to do instead that supports you in having fun, expanding your network and gaining clients every time you talk.

You will learn how to transform getting booked, what questions to ask to ensure an opportunity is the right match for you and what to do before, during and after a presentation to leave with clients, not the possibility of clients–there is a huge difference between the two.

And sure fire ways to make this more enticing will be the roundtable of popular guest speakers who will comment on such topics as Feng Shui for Sought after Speakers, Enhancing your Speaker Image to get the Point Across with personal stylist Karen Kennedy, and How to Easily Increase Your Productivity for More Profit with well known productivity expert Rosie Aiello, amongst others.

Why don’t you come? The critical factor that spells the difference between failure and success is taking action.

There is nothing else out there like it.


Sarah Jo Wood is founder of Evolving Advisors Inc. and author of ‘How to turn a No or a Maybe into a Yes!”  Her coaching program teaches entrepreneurs like you to overcome objections so you can sign up all the clients you want, fill your practice, and increase your bottom line.  To begin supercharging your sales, download your complimentary sales package today at


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