Successful Autoresponder Secrets of Marketing Superstars

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Once prospective customers give you their name and email address in exchange for some sort of free gift (usually a PDF report, or possibly a sample chapter of your ebook, group training program, etc.), your job as a marketer isn’t over; in fact, it’s just beginning!  Now it’s time to put email marketing strategies to work as you begin the work of building a relationship with people who could potentially become customers.

And you can do that with little time or effort by scheduling a series of autoresponder emails that get sent to new subscribers automatically, as soon as they sign up for your newsletter. These autoresponder emails can be scheduled in increments of your choosing; for example you can send out one autoresponder email immediately, with another to follow 3, 5, or 7 days after the initial sign-up. To be honest, the frequency isn’t as important as what you say in the emails. So, here are a few tips to help ensure a successful autoresponder email sequence:

Successful Autoresponders Tip #1: Ease Subscribers into a Buying Relationship               

It’s tempting to schedule a series of sales-heavy promotional emails once you have an audience in the form of a newsletter subscriber, but that’s about the quickest way to send readers unsubscribing in droves; it’s certainly not an effective long-term business growth strategy. You’re better off sending a mixture of emails promoting your products and services and emails that offer helpful resources. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t tell readers where they can learn more, even in your content-rich emails. For instance, let’s say you have a 7-part eCourse for sale. You can take one short but sweet tip from each of the 7 sections and send them out over the course of, say, one month. At the end of each tip, you might say something like, “Would you like to learn more? Click here to access the full lesson” to which you would attach a link to the eCourse sales page.

Successful Autoresponders Tip #2: Treat Subscribers as You Would Like to Be Treated

All too often, marketers see only numbers when they look at their newsletter lists, forgetting that there’s a living, breathing human being on the receiving end of the email. Don’t make that mistake! Instead, write your emails as if you’re writing to a friend, using friendly language that shows how much you care about your prospective clients’ wellbeing (not just their money).

Successful Autoresponders Tip #3: Give Them a (Gentle) Nudge

Because you do care about your prospective clients’ wellbeing, you care that they get the help they need, rather than let them struggle all alone. And because so many of us are procrastinators by nature, you have to offer incentive for fast action. Otherwise, as much as subscribers may be interested in your product, life always seems to get in the way…and before they know it, they’ve completely forgotten about the product/service, and you’ve lost a customer. The best way to get around this is to offer a simple incentive, like a special discount that expires at a set time, or something to that affect.

If you put these tips in place, you will be much more successful at using an autoresponder email marketing strategy to attract more clients and grow your business.

Sarah Jo Wood is founder of Evolving Advisors Inc. and author of ‘How to turn a No or a Maybe into a Yes!”  Her coaching program teaches entrepreneurs like you to overcome objections so you can sign up all the clients you want, fill your practice, and increase your bottom line.  To begin supercharging your sales, download your complimentary sales package today at


2 Responses to “Successful Autoresponder Secrets of Marketing Superstars”
  1. Radhika says:

    ‘…but that’s about the quickest way to send readers unsubscribing in droves…’

    Well said! And this is a fact which most email marketers overlook or turn blind eye to. They tempted to make a quick buck, they pust emails exactly looks like sales copies.

    • Sarah Wood says:

      I am sorry to hear that so many websites don’t do what they promise. It is a shame. I can promise you that if you sign onto mine you will get exactly what i say: a 14 day mini course and a story about how to ace the sale. You won’t get any selling until the end of the course. I promise you that. At that time you can unsubscribe but you will have gleaned some very valuable info. It is my credibility on the line and even if you don’t buy, I want you to have a good experience with the memory of my name and perhaps one day, you will pass my name on to someone else, who knows. But at least, i will be credible.
      Sarah Wood,

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