Jan Marie Dore

Here I was, beginning with a coach once again…I knew as a coach I had to be coached. It simply is a belief I have. To keep things in perspective. For when I get a rough client, for when I feel too alone, to keep me accountable, to keep me with fresh ideas and to keep me on the rails otherwise I flit from here to there without making progress. But honestly, deep down, I thought I would get the same type of coach I had had 20 years ago. You know the type. What are your goals, 1 yr., 3 yr, 5 yr, income wise, I realize that all of this is to make one aspire but it has been around for 25 years and you would think they could come up with something more original by now. And what are my visions…what do I want to own? I am not putting that down. I think it is important to have a vision board with pictures of what I want to attain. But that kind of coaching is so cliché anyone can do it, it doesn’t require anyone special to do it. It really requires an administrator not a coach if you know what mean. It has a lot of forms to fill out and projections to create.

Quite frankly, how the heck do I know where my income will be in 5 years? For someone like me, I have no idea. Does it require an algorithm that I should know? How do people figure that out? I could probably figure out two years, but one year is enough for me. I have enough problems figuring out one year and implementing it. I know I am supposed to work backwards. Figure out the income I want and then fill in the programs and products required to make that income happen. But let’s get real. What comes first? The chicken or the egg? I have to start somewhere and how is that going to be at six figures. Unless I have the luxury to write 6 niche-driven books and teleseminars and have three rock star coaching programs to start and drive a list up to 3000 within a month. I have to start at the beginning. Which for me is an ebook. And three coaching programs. Before my website is up. And I am so lucky to have that because of my coach.

But I digress from coaching. See that is the thing. I really lucked out. I wouldn’t have the book if it wasn’t for her. In the beginning she talked about branding, target markets, niching, and it all went over my head. I figured I would ignore it until we went on to another topic that I was more interested in. She kept pummeling that without finding my strength or passion I would not be able to write a book. I would not be able to give a teleseminar. I probably wouldn’t be able to coach. My throat went dry and I paid attention.

I thought to myself, “What is my passion?” I knew my pets were my passion but what did that have to do with business. I felt like a bore. Nothing came up for me. I went back over my life to the time of having a lemonade stand and knew I had been a little entrepreneur, a little on the serious side, always evaluating, and then I started searching through my careers. I had discovered at an early age that I could not work for anyone else but myself, but how was that strength? There were millions of people like that. So what! What was I passionate about in my business career? What had I been really good at? I kept coming up empty handed and more and more frustrated. My coach kept encouraging me telling me these nuggets were there…that we all had many passions, they were forgotten and we had to keep searching to remember. It eluded me. I felt like the proverbial dumb blonde. My brain was blanking even. My mind frame was becoming negative and I knew I would never, ever get it. This was for the luxury of writers and really successful people, not me.

She reminded me of how successful I had been in my career in sales and suggested that some kind of passion must have come out of that…so I thought and thought. I knew I had been good at negotiations but wasn’t passionate about it. As I dug further I asked myself why I had been good at negotiations. On analysis, I realized I had been really great at overcoming objections. As a matter of fact, I loved overcoming objections. I even received compliments on this ability. My heart made a connection and I knew this was my passion, my strength.

Once I found it my world changed. I wrote a book about it. That sounds easy…”I wrote a book about it.” Let me re-phrase it. I spent 6 months working 10 hour days writing a book about it, sometimes anguishing and fretting, waking up at all hours to edit copy. In the process of doing this I gained a great deal of confidence. I knew I had a message to share with others. Before I started the book, my coach assured me that her coachees complained to her that they didn’t know how to answer objections and there was a real need for such a book. I did an SEO search and there were no other books for sale for coaches according to that program , only many articles on objection handling. So I knew I had a targeted niche.

But once again I digress. I really want to talk about the qualities of having a great coach who doesn’t coach according to the a,b,c’s. Almost from the very beginning, she had me searching for the very visceral components of “who I am” in order to create products to sell. So not only do I have an ebook to sell, but I have a companion class to go with it-a teleseries. As if that isn’t enough I have the confidence to know that I am an expert in the field, a specialist, a go-to person. When I think of the woman going into online coaching early in 2011, I was really quite cynical expecting very little change. What I got is like 10 Christmases. I am so excited. I can really help people with my product. I have my coach to thank. Her name is Jan Marie Dore of www.femalepreneurs.com


© 2012 Sarah Wood

 About the Author: Sarah Jo Wood is founder of Evolving Advisors Inc. and author of ‘How to turn a No or a Maybe into a Yes!”  Her coaching program teaches entrepreneurs like you to overcome objections so you can sign up all the clients you want, fill your practice, and increase your bottom line.  To begin supercharging your sales, download your complimentary sales package today at www.evolvingadvisors.com.