This month I’ll be a guest for Hazel Palache, on her call:

How to Turn a No or a Maybe into a Yes”  How to handle Sales objections.


You’re welcome to sign up and attend! On this call you will learn:


  • 5 essential tips that can spell the difference between failure and success.
  • Eight ways to handle objection that you can start using immediately.
  • Five anticipatory objection handlers to get to yes
  • Tips on accelerated learning styles to authentically respond to objections


DATE:                         February 29th, 2012
TIME:                          4p.m. PT, 7p.m. ET
LOCATION:               Virtual, phone/web/skype

To sign up, visit Hazel’s site at


Objection Handling Immersion Tele-Series

Do you struggle with objections like “I’ll think it over, it’s too much money, send me the information, you’re too new, I haven’t heard of you, etc,” in your enrollment conversations? Would you like to reply effortlessly without stumbling or winging it?

I have created an occasional four-part series for you to practice your objection responses in a supportive, 20 person per class environment. You must be willing to contribute, don’t come if you aren’t. We discuss the objection response, analyze it so you can equally craft your own and as a bonus you get to have a strategy session with me to fill in your numbers to the objections.  Numbers are the goldmine.  They make everything credible to your potential client and you will learn to be strong in conveying them.  They make the listener become emotional.  You will practice with me and everyone will have a chance to participate. You will become proficient and confident at answering objections tossed at you anywhere, anytime. Juicy bonuses!!!!  LEARN MORE

Objection Handling Teleseries for Realtors

The same course as above only geared for Realtors®.  “The commission is too high, I want more money, I want to see more agents, you don’t  advertise enough, I want the number one agent in the area, you are too new, I can sell it myself, etc”  LEARN MORE

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