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Finally! A live, interactive system for improving your sales-making ability, offered in a fun, supportive atmosphere via your phone …

From the Desk of Sarah Jo Wood
November 2011

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

  • If you’re like many of the creative, entrepreneurs out there, you want more. So a companion teleseminar series to the ebook  “How to Turn a No or a Maybe into a Yes!” has been created.  Only offered occasionally

We’re going to step it up a notch:

You want to make more of an impact by working with more clients. And of course, making more money in return would be great, too. Because that would give you the freedom to make an even greater impact down the road.

So, what’s stopping you?

Chances are it’s a lack of confidence, knowledge and experience when it comes to knowing how to handle objections.

Does this sound familiar…

You present your offer to a prospect, who responds, “I have to think about it,” or, “I can’t afford it right now.”

Then you freeze, uncertain about how to respond. Or you fumble and rush through a response. Ultimately, you feel lucky if you enroll a single client out of 10 or more sales conversations. And the process was SO not fun.

If this scenario gives you a sense of déjà vu, I have great news: it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can learn to handle sales objections easily, with confidence.

And when you do, your world changes.

You enter every enrollment conversation knowing what to expect, and how to respond. You’re able to comfortably talk about the value of what you do, and convince your ideal clients to hire you.  No more uncertainty, no more frustration, no more struggling.

The thing is, you can learn how to do all this from a book like my ebook “How to Turn a NO or a MAYBE Into a YES!!!” But you need more than just a book full of proven tips if you want to enroll more clients…you need practice!

I know you probably have the best intentions when you buy a book on sales, or attend a seminar. Then real life takes over and you never get around to spending that 15 minutes a day practicing what you’ve learned.

So when you try to use it during a call everything comes out stilted. Or you forget what you were supposed to say in response to a particular objection, or to close the enrollment. You had glanced at the book but you really hadn’t memorized the objection, so you had to wing it, unsuccessfully.

Many people have written me saying they thought they could benefit by having a tele -course.  That’s why I’ve developed this special, interactive live program.

But before I explain how this program can help you, let me tell you a little bit more about myself, and why you should listen to me.

I’ve been where you are. But I’m where I am now because I learned how to do sales differently  through the school of hard knocks. It’s made a dramatic difference in my revenues, my business and my life!

You see, years ago I realized I had a knack for sales. After spending some time as a plant wholesaler, I went into real estate, where my passion has lasted more than 2 decades.

I loved – and still love – buying and selling real estate. People seek me out to work with me. My passion was reflected in my national success when I was regularly in the top 1% of real estate agents in Canada from a very young age.and I have transferred that inro my coaching practice that I have been doing for some time.

Things didn’t start out perfectly, though. When I began my real estate sales career, I wasn’t a natural at it. My friends and family had told me how good they thought I’d be. So it was doubly disappointing when I came back to the office, humiliated, after sales calls.

Deep down, I felt insecure.  And I think mostly I felt insecure because I didn’t know what to say.  I didn’t know how to handle objections when they came up. Basically, I had just gotten my license and knew all of the legalities of selling, but was totally green when it came to landing clients.

One day, I related my tale of a recent botched sale to the office old-timer. I told him how, when my prospect presented an objection, I hadn’t known how to respond. My face flushed, my heart raced, my stomach got squeamish.

Of course, the old-timer knew exactly what I should have said – so next time I brought him out with me. I had to split my commission with him, but it was worth it to learn from someone so experienced. And it made me a fast study. After many months with his help, I was closing sale after sale.

At one point, I hired a mentor. As we began to work together my coach asked me to go through a powerful exercise to determine my own strengths. After a little while, I came up with a few, one of which was negotiating.

I dug deeper into myself, uncovering what it takes to become a good negotiator. Then, BINGO! It came to me. What I’d consistently been successful at, received compliments on, had become known for…  was my strength overcoming objections in any situation.

Once I made that discovery there was no holding me back. I’ve since had prospects so determined to become my client after I handled their price objections they got a bank loan, borrowed from family, or sold jewelry to make it happen. What a difference it made to my bottom line!

Now I want to help you do the same. How?

By providing you with a fun, supportive learning environment where you can practice handling sales objections effectively. In doing so, you increase your confidence, sign more clients and make more money.

Introducing “Objection Handling Immersion Tele-Series”  

The prerequisites:

1) You need my Ebook, “How to Turn a NO or a MAYBE Into a YES!!!”

2) You must be enthusiastic about improving your enrollment skills, and willing to actively participate in our discussions.  Participation is integral.  I really need a chatty community of 20 members who are all raring to go in order to have successful classes!

3) You must be so excited you can customize your strengths into some of your responses, such as “how many more clients you will gain” .

Know your historical statistics so you can strategize your responses.

This is not just another teleseries program where you listen to someone speak, then maybe get to ask a question or two. I am limiting this class to only 20 so everyone will have an opportunity to share. Instead you get to learn—and practice—the best responses for handling the most common objections and convincing way more clients to hire you.

The “Objection Handling Immersion Tele-Series” is a place where mistakes are encouraged, laughter is key, and members can help one another improve.  Very gentle feedback is encouraged.  Don’t be surprised if you are nervous at first and in time you will gain confidence.  Lots of praise will be given.  Please don’t enroll unless you are willing to participate.  Participation is essential to make the class work.  I will be counting on you to be responding to my objections, so participation is a must.

During our series, you:

  • Practice handling sales objections by role playing – because practice makes perfect
  • Learn specific actions to take during sales conversations to help you stay relaxed and focused
  • Perfect your sales vocabulary so what you say inspires action
  • Strategize your answers to sales objections so you’re comfortable whenever one comes up
  • Get feedback from others in the group who are equally committed to your success
  • Learn to analyze the response so you can mold your own anytime
  • Play in a different league as you discover why numbers are the goldmine

In other words you get tools, support, accountability and a safe place to practice your sales skills.. It all happens over the phone, so you can participate from the comfort of your own home or office—no travel required.

Maybe you’re wondering “How exactly is this program going to work? Great question.

First of all, you should know that I am totally committed to your success. Remember, I’ve been in your shoes – overwhelmed and frustrated because all you want to do is grow your practice effectively.

Now, though, I walk in different shoes, and it feels good. I just needed a mentor with proven experience to guide me, and a safe place to practice and perfect what I was learning.  My old timer was very patient with me.

I want you to experience that, too. That’s why I’ve created a fun, judgment-free practicing ground for you to become seriously effective at enrolling new clients.

So, with that in mind, here’s how the “Objection Handling Immersion Tele-Series” works:

  • dial in to our special, private tele-seminar phone line for 5- 60-minute sessions with me and the other group members
  • The tele-series are limited to only 20 members, so everyone has a chance to participate
  • Members provide one another with feedback on their handling of objections so you can learn from each other
  • Everything we do is in conjunction with my “How to Turn a NO or a MAYBE Into a YES!!!” book – so you need to have this reference guide available
  • I act as your facilitator; this is your class, so you determine the content, but I’m there to help you become comfortable with the language and situations
  • Audio Transcripts will be available if you miss the call and for you to keep for your listening library, very beneficial for you to listen to between classes.
  • I will present sales objections and discuss the anatomy of the objection response, looking at the structure so you can even write your own responses within minutes.  You will learn the essentials of what components make up a response.
  • Play in a different league as you discover why numbers are the goldmine

PLUS, you get these 3 helpful BONUSES

  1. A 20 minute strategy session with me to discuss strategizing  (with the power of numbers and emotions)  your responses.  (Value $100)
  2. $20 off your first month for having bought my book!! (Value $20) to be deducted off of your first month.
  3. Once you have graduated, for 75% reduction off you can re-enroll in the class again if you feel you  need to practice.

Total BONUSES $420!!!

Overcoming sales objections can be the most difficult part of your job—especially if you’re winging it. Because objections inherently make most people uncomfortable, you don’t want to force anyone into hiring you, or come off as a pushy salesperson after all.

That’s why so many professionals never become proficient at it. But when you do, it’s a total game-changer. Instead of feeling uncomfortable, pushy or sleazy, you’re going to find sales conversations are natural and easy. And clients are suddenly going to be gravitating to you, excited to get started.

All you need is a few tools, some guidance and a solid bit of practice. This program is designed to give you all that.

Now you’re probably wondering, with all the live support involved, “How much is this all going to cost?”

When you invest in this class, your confidence increases, your objection handling skills become sharper and you sign more clients. The result: you make more money!


I truly want this to be affordable enough for even the entrepreneurs who are really struggling right now, so I decided to offer it for $427. Then I realized even that was more than many small business owners could invest in this economy.

So to make it fair, the investment is just $397 for the series.

Think about it this way: how many new clients would you have to earn each month to recoup $397?

A single new client would pay for  these classes several months … and after several months, you probably won’t need the class any more. Meanwhile, you’re going to have enrolled, and continue to enroll, more and more clients with your newfound sales abilities.

Also, remember you’re going to combine this hands-on, real-life practice with everything you learn in my book. So as you’re developing your understanding of the psychology behind sales objections, you’re also sharpening your skills at handling them.

PLUS, you make this investment at no risk, thanks to my …

GUARANTEE  If you don’t like the class let us know by the end of the second class and we will refund all of your money 100% no questions asked. 

So what have you got to lose – other than frustration, potential clients, and anxiety surrounding sales?


PLUS, you get these 3 helpful BONUSES

  1. A 20 minute strategy session with me to strategize your responses and become comfortable with the objection handlers(Value $100)
  2. $20 off your first month for having bought my book!! (Value $20) to be deducted off of your first month.
  3. Once you have graduated, for 75% reduction off you can re-enroll in it again  if you feel you  need to practice.

Total BONUSES $420!!

If you’re ready to enter into enrollment conversations with confidence, handle objections effectively and really grow your business,…

Take the first step now by clicking the order button below.

Yes, Sarah! Sign me up for your “Objection Handling Immersion Tele-Series”!

I understand that for only $397 for 5 sessions, I get:

  • 5-60 minute sessions
  • Practice handling common (and uncommon) objections
  • Feedback from  up to 20 other supportive entrepreneurs
  • An improved sales vocabulary
  • Psychological tips and understanding to improve my sales conversations
  • Increased confidence, increased sales and increased income
  • For those who are super serious, if you think you are prepared to graduate from the series, notify me,  and I will send you a graduation certificate  if you are ready

In fact, you’re taking a far bigger risk by not investing in this program.  If you want to make more money, you’ve got to get more clients – and this series lets you practice your sales skills until you’re perfect in a safe, supportive environment.

It’s a lot more different than going home at night and rehearsing in front of a mirror, if you can even be held accountable to do that.  You won’t get feedback that way, which is so vital for memory and confidence.  .  Plus it isn’t fun to practice alone and let’s face it- who is holding you accountable to do it every day.

So if you’re ready to stop winging it and start enrollments, take the next step toward business success now. Join me for my “Objection Handling Immersion Tele-Series”!

Here’s to your sales success,

Sarah Jo Wood

P.S. Enrollment is a learned skill – which means you hold the power to become great at it! All you need are the right tools, some guidance, and a good bit of practice. So you have a choice: continue on as you are, fumbling during enrollment conversations, unsure about what to do or say. Or get in on this series, practice until you’re perfect, and experience the results. Where else are you going to get laser-focused coaching for $80.00 a session??? Reserve your spot now.

P.P.S. Remember, to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to participate I’ve limited this class to 20 members. So if you’re serious about growing your business and making more money, grab your spot now: You will have the opportunity to join this community of 20 other entrepreneurs to engage with and benefit from.  The twenty minute strategy session with me valued at $ 100 will be packed full of ideas on finding your strengths so you can customize your objection responses to astonish your clients!!! Packed with exclusive ideas just for you to increase your profits immediately!!!  Sign up now!




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