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  • When it comes to reinvention, making a decision to make a decision is the hardest thing for entrepreneurs to do.
  • Creating and sending pdf.’s on the road can be tricky.  Adobe announced in August, that it’s new app Create PDF (at a steep $9.99) can be used on both iPad and Iphone.
  • Regarding art and the data dilemma?  What exactly is art?  What exactly the difference between art and commerce?  Should we count a big commercial show on Broadway as art or a commercial success?  How about a show tune revue at Disney World?
  • Movements:  The art world anti-snob.  “I think there are tons and tons of people who don’t buy art” says Jen Bekman, founder of 20×200 because no one has tried to sell it to them.  20×200 democratizes the experience of buying art by selling limited editions by artist both emerging and established.  It is now a burgeoning business.
  • The DO IT YOURSELF MOVEMENT that caught on in the basements and garages in the California Bay area had now spawned companies selling at 300 million worldwide.
  • Smartphone thinking –CEO Bill Moore of Rootmetrics a Seattle based company, comprehensively tracking real world performance of mobile networks and performance has a few pointers.  Mobile operations are going through a transition from so called  3g to 4g services.  If someone tells you that 4g makes better phone call it’s simply not true according to him.  Few markets will have 100% 4g coverage any time soon so when you are on the move you will find your phone falling back.
  • Entrepreneur suggests keep your video to no more than 4 minutes unless you are video conferencing and offer free audios to go with your video.
  • Add to your social meda
  • Landing Info pages:  in a study of 150 landing pages, 45 % failed to keep email’s promotional promise in the headline copy.“I know from writing my own landing pages that initially they were way too long, yet I barely had said enough information and didn’t know how to condense them.  I studied others landing pages and they made it look so easy.   They talked about the reader, they grabbed the reader’s attention, they were gifted, persuasive, and creative and I couldn’t get it.  I went through at least 30 drafts before I started to catch on.  At last, it started to have some results but not being confident I took it to a well known copywriter and struck a deal for them going over them for “marketability.”  The before and after was amazing and that is when I really learned direct response copywriting.  And have subsequently studied it.  It is a very disciplined, fine art.
  • Avoid too much information.  Keep your headline benefit rich and don’t focus on features.
  • Some research suggests that “submit” buttons underperform more actionable words like “register” or “download now,” be sure your button stands out by adhering to the 4 B’s: big, bright, bold, and blindingly obvious.
  • The firm, Silverprop found that 45% of companies required more than 10 fields to be filled out.
  • 7 out of 10 use the presence of a navigation bar which takes readers away from the landing page and loses them.
  • Using flash cards and fill in the blanks is a superior method of learning to regular note taking by three times.  Good to know for tele-seminars.
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