Visibility and Leadership: 7 Steps to Be the BEST In Your Field

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4th Annual Leadership Success Summit-January 27-28 Ontario, California
You are just in time to register—seats still available

Find out why what started as 85 participants now spans well into the hundreds of raving fans returning year after year to hear Lisa Marie Platske deliver her famed 7 Pillars of Success. Each participant will walk away after two days with an 8-10 page supercharged, marketing plan for the upcoming year. And this isn’t just any marketing plan! It is a toolset to design their next year with ease, strategies to double their income, using their personalities to build a better brand, and discovering how to find up to three extra hours per day. Who could say no to that?

Within 30 days from January 28, 2012, you could be experiencing the best ever year yet, following her plan. In today’s uncertain economy, Lisa Marie still has raving fans returning year after year to become armed with their marketing plan because believe it or not, they know it works and have financially doubled their income year after year from attending her Leadership Summit.

If self improvement is your passion then you’re in for a big surprise with the well known speakers Lisa Marie has invited.

She won’t disappoint. Lynda-Ross Vega, Therese Skelly and Janet Steiner to list a few. I’m not going to give it all away.

Why would you want to invest with Lisa Marie Platske? She is an award-winning entrepreneur and dynamic inspirational speaker/trainer known for her contagious energy.

Since she was a little girl she knew she was a leader and had great vision, Lisa Marie seized opportunities to lead throughout her journey – from Girl Scouts to student Council – understanding the importance of giving back. Today, she is an active board member of the Women’s Alliance, the largest non-– profit in the United States centered on workforce development, and an active mentor to budding entrepreneurs. Every step on her journey has been about breaking the mold, and exerting her influence. As she speaks about the evolution of her leadership, she is keenly aware that there is always more to learn and more to do to make a difference.

Her second book, “Speaking of Success,” was interviewed by Ken Blanchard and Jack Canfield. Her most recent book is titled “Connection: The New Currency“, a collaborative project.

I met her on face book when I sent her a friend request. Are you ready for this? As busy as she is, she replied with such a friendly message wanting to know all about me, my business, and more. We connected immediately and have stayed in touch since and I offered to write a blog post for her as I am such a big fan of hers. She goes way beyond the words of kind.

Don’t you need someone who really cares about you and your business?

Lisa Marie is that person. She has the proven formula for doubling income and taking more hours off in the day as evidenced by her droves of returning fans.

It’s not every day that one attracts fans from Portugal, Mexico and other destinations outside of the U.S.

If you’re like most people you probably like to have fun. Lisa Marie’s middle name should be POSITIVE. She won’t do something unless it is fun and the summit is guaranteed to be fun!

What would your reaction be if she could help you? You would come, wouldn’t you? Well, if all of these others are constantly returning to double their income what does that tell you?

Don’t let doubt keep you from achieving when the proof is right here!

Follow this link and put your name in. You won’t regret it. Success is yours for the taking!

Lisa Marie Platske
President/CEO, Upside Thinking, Inc.

West Coast:

5225 Canyon Crest Dr., Suite 71, #154

Riverside, CA 92507

951.334.9162 – mobile

East Coast:

1825 Ponce de Leon Blvd., #356

Coral Gables, FL 33134

305.447.9634 – office

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