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To Builders, Renovators and Contractors, Coaches and Entrepreneurs!

Discover the 10 proven strategies which instantaneously grab buyers to take action!

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As you know there is more competition today than ever before. The amount of information available is staggering. To the consumer you are one among many. That is, unless you know how to position yourself through effective marketing strategies.

Discover the 10 Proven (and profitable) marketing strategies to keep viewers glued to your website! Are you willing to ignore them?  Are you willing to stay lost in the crowd?  Are you willing to lose money?

Who am I and why should you believe me?

I am Sarah Jo Wood.

I am a freelance copy writer and marketing strategist with 20 years of experience working with Builders and Renovators.

It wasn’t long ago that I was right where you are now.  My website was a train wreck. No one noticed it.  Over the years, I studied and combined what I had learned with what I knew about marketing in the off line world to transform my website into an action generating machine.  My passion is to transform your image and multiply your profit. If it carries your name it should be the most superior reflection of you.  My goal is to make you more money while serving your market and make you stand out from the crowd. And most important it is F.R.E.E.

In this money- and time- saving assessment I will prepare tests of your website to determine how skillfully it is performing in 10 key  areas, to get you noticed and make you more money. I’m offering a two-hour “dig-in-and-roll-up–my-sleeves” investigation into your website to see how it is performing compared to your competition.    I will be your marketing detective.

Next I reportback to you on how to ENHANCE your website, through a special BONUS REPORT as well as making alterations as I do the report!!

  • Trust Systems– do you know the incredible power of testimonials? Did you know there is a proven way to use them which increases readership by a whopping 70%? I will show you in detailed examples of how to leverage them in your Bonus Report.    $95 Value
  • As you know, you want the reader to know, like and trust you. Client success stories significantly increase trust and sales.  I will give a you classic example of a spotlight story so you can incorporate this into your website.  These will be found in your Bonus Report.  Viewers adore reading them and trust you afterward.  $50 Value
  • Credibility – Is your writing grammatically correct?  Are there any spelling, punctuation, or other obvious grammatical errors? You would be surprised how many errors I see on a daily basis and this reflects poorly on the website owner.    I will correct any grammatical errors I see.  Included as part of your assessment.    $125 Value
  • Discover the power of a Magnetic Headline. If you don’t have a perfect headline your viewers won’t enter your site.   It has to be your best.  A typical copywriter would normally charge hundreds of dollars for this service. Copywriters spend hours getting this one right!.  Included as part of your assessment.   $295 Value
  • Discover the lead through of a Call to Action Statement suggesting the next step the reader should take. Readers on the internet are often in a buying mood so lead them to your contact button without being sales-y. As my great aunt says, if you don’t ask, you won’t get. I will give you a call to action. Included as part of the assessment.   $95 Value
  • Discover how to use influencer words such as “discover, learn, proven”?”  Do you know the 13 most toxic, disliked words in North America? (Hint: “pay” is one of them), I will add some influencer words and take out any objectionable words as part of your analysis. Get this wrong and your potential customers may end up fleeing from your Web site in droves. I will give you the 13 most objectionable words as well as hundreds of the most powerful words in your BONUS REPORT.   $125 Value
  • Is your copyright current?  A stale copyright, which is a common mistake, often makes websites look outdatedand reflect poorly on a website owner. (Not to mention it is a breeding ground for theft of content and graphics). I will recommend what to do and give you a stickler for your memory boost in your BONUS REPORT.    $50 Value
  • Do you use juicy, descriptive adjectives?  Instead of saying “beautiful” say “elegant.” Instead of saying “real” say “authentic.”  I will insert a few throughout your content for you, included as part of your analysis.  Your viewers will be riveted to your new text.    $125 Value
  • Reliability Systems – Discover the 5 essential questions that ABOUT pages are supposed to answer.  I will include this in the BONUS REPORT.  (Hint: They all begin with the letter W)    $50 Value
  • Discover one of the best proven strategies to increase readership on your HOME page by 30%. I will include this in your BONUS REPORT.    $50 Value

$1060 Value!  F.r.e.e.

And finally a SPECIAL BONUS!  F.R.E.E. Color Report worth $79 will be sent to you immediately upon signing up as a pdf. attachment.  Discover what is the most unpopular color in North America.  Find out what color will make you unnoticed.  Discover how to attract loyalty and trust.  What color makes people think of luxury?

This special report isn´t about theory or advice from someone who has never actually made any money online. It´s about practical, no-nonsense, down-to-earth, tried-and-tested principles AND an actual alterations and steps to help you transform your Web site into an action taking machine.  Have clients calling, emailing and visiting you.

The value of this assessment is $1060 worth of F.r.e.e. items just for you!

You will reach more of your readers, dazzle them, close more business and make more money with my web site strategies!  Order today.  It’s f.r.e.e.

Order today with Sarah at sarah@sarahwood.ca and receive your amazing color report immediately!

To your continued success,

Sarah Wood