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Discover how to get more customers calling you off of your website! And make a better profit!

Discover why more customers aren’t signing on to your website or calling you by investing in this fact finding analysis. I will solve for you such common problems as finding you a catchy Headline and giving you a Call to Action to get more customers to phone you today!

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7 Sure-fire strategies to have on your Web-site! Are you willing to bet your business on avoiding them?

My passion is to transform your image and multiply your profits. If it carries your name, shouldn’t it be the most stellar reflection of you? As a copywriter, specializing in Direct Response Marketing, my goal is to make you look great in the eyes of your customers.

Who am I, and why should you listen to me?  I am Sarah Wood, a Marketing Copywriter who increases your profits by enhancing the text on your websites. It isn’t what you say, but how you say it that is so critical, and there are silent rules to follow on a website that You may not know about.

That’s where I come in to transform your website…. so you get results.  I have had 20 years of successful experience working with the public as a real estate agent.  I was in the top 1% of North American Agents for many of those years, so I know how to talk to your audience.  Did you know that women constitute 70% of all buying decisions?  It is important to reach out to this segment in your message. I always knew I was selling to the woman, primarily.  I also know how busy you are and appreciate your time and promise not to waste it.

In this analysis, you will receive back from me a written report unveiling all of the 7proven strategies you need to know about to make your website more successful.

So, for a limited time only until September 30, 2013, I’m offering a comprehensive web site analysis (normal retail $299) reduced to just $129sarah@sarahwood.ca

The following are the 7 critical factors which influence your customers:

  1. Trust factors – Wouldn’t it be nice if the customer already trusted you when they first met you from having read your website, and you didn’t have to sell them?    Do you know what spotlight stories are and how customers adore reading them? Did you know they significantly increase trust and sales? I will explain all of this to you in detail in my report I send back to you.  I will even give you an example of aspotlight story and write one for you. 
  2. Do you use Action Verbs…. like brimming, enhancing, spearheading.  I have written a book titled “Magnetic Phrases,” and it is yours for f/r/e/e. Simply add your email to my list at on the right.  I keep it by my side at all times, and it is great for when my mind blanks out, when I want to spruce up my copy, when I want to use copywriter’s phrases or advertiser’s words.  I will go through your copy and add Action Verbs.  This will stimulate your text and give it go-go, captivating your viewers.
  3. Writing for engagement.  Do you write with benefits rich language, or do you rhyme off a list of features which will cause a yawnfest and have your viewers flipping to the next web page. Do you know the difference between Benefits and Features?  Take the following example.  “Having this stereo with xx amps will fill your living room with the sounds of the Boston Pops, as if they were right there.”  The benefits statement taps into the senses, whereas the features statement is just that, a statement. See what I mean?
  4. Are you writing so the customer comes first, not you.  No one wants to read all about me, myself and I.  This is a subtle art and has to do with the acronym wiifm – What’s in it for me?  The customer will be riveted by your new writing style.  I will rewrite a passage of your website in a      customer focus style.
  5. Do you use a magnetic headline?  You only have a few seconds to grab a reader’s attention.  It has to be creative. This is one of the most challenging parts of the copywriter’s job, and usually, the copywriter will spend hours crafting this one thing. I will create one for you.
  6. Do you have a call to action statement suggesting what the customer should do next?  Readers on the internet are in a “buying mood” so this is a great time to suggest they do something to lead them to you without being sales-y. I will give you one. Did you know that saying “Register here,” is very weak compared to other verbs. I will clarify for you.
  7. Reliability – Does your ABOUT page cover the 5 items ABOUT pages are supposed to.  I will reveal this to you. They are the 5 W’s!  I will look at your about page and you will discover what is missing and why it is essential.

LIMITED OFFER until September 30, 2013.  Normally $299.00 reduced to only $129.00. Act today!   sarah@sarahwood.ca

In a few words, having your website analyzed will help you to sell more and make a bigger profit.

Why not sign up here today by simply emailing me at sarah@sarahwood.ca, and we will get the process started.

To your continued success,

Sarah Jo Wood
The Magic Pen copywriting

P.S.  You only have a few seconds to WOW your audience on the fast paced internet, so you really need to be perfect, why not have your website analyzed for glaring errors today! Write me at sarah@sarahwood.ca now!