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I wish I could say
That each and every day
Was filled with gleaming sun
But alas our days are short
And the landscape barren
Trees naked of their greenery
Crunchy snow in its finery
The stillness of the air breathes
Formless shapes out of my nose
Distant cars spinning their tires
Engines whirring under fire
I hear the squeak under feet
As I plod along
I hear groaning of the ice
Its forms off trees to entice
When I was a child I took
It in hand and had a lick
I see imprints of children
Leaving dents of angel wings
Someone has lost a mitten
Their hand could get frost bitten
Have a friend loving nature
Ventures out with seeds and lure
On the animal trail
She throws seed and bread
On the same path and stead
Animals rely on her
She doesn’t miss a day
Of this she does not delay
They know her well by now
And some come to greet her
It instantly puts a smile
On her face and while
She shares the big feast
With her animal friends
Hears the faraway warble
Of the rare and lonely bird
She sets up a sanctuary
On her lovely balcony
The birds come to visit, feed
They are in such a need
The forest is so barren
She creates a haven.
It is a time for skating
Children learning the first ready
Wavering, quavering unsteady
Foot in front of foot
Mothers holding on their roost
Daughters gaining courage
To take off at first flight
They are on their own
Just like being flown
Even when she falls down
She gets right back up and bounds
To the ice once again.

Time for x-country skiing
Layers of clothes, breathable
Take off in a farmer’s field
Filled with fresh dusting snow
Become the explorer and know
Break new trails, huffing puffing
The sweat starts to break
The tingling in the legs
Feels so good to be alive

Solstice started one month before
Winter here all its glory
Some sleep through the story
Some people just endure
Others flock south like the birds
Others ski the hills so far
Hot chocolate favored
Always savored
Children with red cheeks and nose
Ice dripping from little toes
Puddles left on the floor
Chilliness left at the door.

Time for a warm fireplace too
With a dear acquaintance
Watching the tips of the flames
Dance upward heaven claims
The hearty wood crackles
Sending smoke racing
Stoking and charming
A fire so enchanting.

Feels so good to be inside
After all of winters ride.

Sarah Jo Wood

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