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Having a poorly written homepage is akin to showing up for a swanky first date in shorts and flip-flops. It just doesn’t fly.

You have only seconds to make a good first impression with your website’s homepage before that infamous song by The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go starts ringing in your visitors’ collective heads.

If you’d like them to run, run away fast, do these five things. Guaranteed, this will make people not only exit your site quickly, but ensure you make no sales.

Talk only about you and what you can do for them – Have you ever been with someone who talks only about him or herself? It’s somewhat annoying, isn’t it? If you want to alienate your readers, talk only about what your business does, how many widgets you provide, how long you’ve been in business, how great you are…. You’ll definitely see your bounce rate go up. (Note: This isn’t a good thing.)

Push the “Buy” button at them too soon – Have you ever bought a car from a sleazy car salesperson? That’s what pushing the buy button too soon reminds people of. Don’t be so desperate that you ask for a deal consummation when you haven’t even gotten through “hello.”

Say the same thing, just differently – There are no prizes for lengthy web pages, so if you must ramble on, do so by adding value and new information, don’t simply repeat the same thing in a slightly different way. But if you really want to bore your visitors, keep repeating yourself.

Market to the world – Don’t know who your target audience is? No problem. Just sell yourself to everyone. The perfect people will filter themselves out, right? Wrong. Marketing to the world doesn’t work. Until you realize this, you will leave sales on the table and frustrate potential customers.

Be boring – Droning on and on in your copy will put people to sleep. This will improve your bounce rate, but only because they’ve passed out before they click away from your site. This doesn’t mean be someone you’re not, but at least have engaging copy that is interesting and mildly entertaining.

If you’re not sure your homepage copy is doing its job, let me help. I’m a copy enhancer – someone who can take your existing words and make them sparkle. It’s taking your words and making them better, stronger, faster. Kind of like making them bionic.

Contact me for more information on how together we can take your homepage from basic to brilliant!


© 2012 Sarah Wood

 About the Author: 

Sarah Wood, also known as the “Magic Pen,” and author of “How to turn a No or a Maybe into a Yes” and producer of “Magnetic Phrases,” is a copy enhancer/ writer who transforms copy on your website into sexy and sizzling from boring and blah. For a list of testimonials go to her website and check out her long list of happy customers at www.evolvingadvisors.com . She is also a marketing strategist at overcoming objections for coaches, mentors, real estate agents and entrepreneurs.

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